Program Schedule

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List of Poster Presentation

  • From Casual to Professional: How Brazilians Achieved Esports Success in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Menasce
  • Cognitive, Physiological, & Social Correlates of Competitive Top 100 Super Smash Bros Performance, Nolla
  • Competitive Play, Physical Exercise and School Performance – Case Study among Pre-Teens and Teens Attending Esports Summer Camp in Finland, Koskimaa
  • Kids in the Basement”: Social Space and Identity in American and South Korean Esports, Hannah Wang
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee as Esports: The Holy Trinity of Hardware and Active Embodiment, Rappaport
  • FirstPersonScience: Quantifying Psychophysics for First Person Shooter Tasks, Josef Spjut
  • e-SpOrTs: The need for more critical justifications for the abbreviation of “electronic sports”, Luis Perez Cortez
  • Emotional management in online competition: Esports and tilt, Wu, M
  • What motivates esports, Lee, J.S.
  • Team communications & coaching in esports teams, Reitman, J.
  • Esports and mindset, Anderson, C.