Download ESC 2019 Submission Template

Submissions are due online by June 21, 2019 on

  1. This is the PCS landing site. Go to the Submissions tab and select “ESC”, “ESC 2019″, “ESC 2019 Papers” for the Society, Conference/ Journal and Track boxes at the top, and click Go.
  2. Under “Existing Submissions” below, a new submission with status “incomplete” and title “[NO TITLE PROVIDED]” should now be visible. Click “Revise submission” in the row of that submission.
  3. Fill out the submission form and click Record Changes at the bottom.
  4. Under your Submissions tab, you’ll see an updated status for your submission. The Notes column will tell you what required information is missing, if any. Emails will also be automatically sent to you and any listed coauthors confirming the submission.

All proposals will be peer-reviewed by the academic community, with notification of final program decisions by June 21st, 2019. Decision of acceptance will be announced on July 26th, 2019. All papers presented at the conference will be features in the ESC Proceedings, to be published by ETC Press.

Also, don’t forget to sign up to be a REVIEWER for ESC. Go to Reviewing Preferences from your PCS home page.